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Tiki Cat Canned

  • High Protein

           Tiki Cat® Born Carnivore™ diets offer 44% average protein, higher than many big name brands.

  • Real, Natural Ingredients

    No by-products, fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives.

  • Grain Free, Low or No Carbohydrates

    No potatoes, corn, rice or wheat.

  • Real Ingredients with Real Benefits

    Like salmon oil to help promote healthy skin and coat, and pumpkin to aid digestion.

  • High Moisture

    Tiki Cat® wet foods contain high moisture to give cats the supplemental water they need.


Sold as individual cans or a case of 12. (2.8oz can and some flavors are available in 5.5oz)

Available In:

  • Grill
    • Ahi Tuna
    • Mackerel & Sardines in Lobster Consommé
    • Sardine Cutlets in Lobster Consommé
    • Sardine Cutlets
  • Luau
    • Tilapia in Tilapia  Consommé
    • Seabass in Seabass Consommé
    • Wild Salmon in Salmon Consommé
    • Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consommé
  • After Dark
    • Chicken & Beef
    • Chicken & Duck
    • Chicken & Lamb
    • Chicken & Quail Egg
    • Chicken
    • Chicken & Pork