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Spot Farm Treats

Made in the USA

Spot Farms treats are proudly made in the United States using regionally sourced, high quality ingredients. To ensure exceptional quality, our treats start with USDA approved meats raised on family farms here in the United States. We then carefully cook all of our treats in small batches in our US kitchens, using simple, wholesome recipes your pet will love.

All Natural, Human Grade Ingredients*

Spot Farms treats are made with 100% all natural, human grade ingredients*. This means that all of the ingredients that we use in our products are certified fit for human consumption. Because all of the ingredients used in our treats are all natural, our treats are free of artificial colors and preservatives. You won’t find things like BHA, BHT, or any other chemical with strange abbreviated names in any of our treats.


Available In:

  • Chicken Jerky
    • Hip & Joint
    • Skin & Coat
    • Flaxseed plus Vitamin E
  • Turkey Meat Balls
  • Chicken Nuggets

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