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Goldenfeast Bird Food

Goldenfeast® is a producer of gourmet foods for exotic birds, other pets and wild birds. Since 1991, Goldenfeast® has strived to provide only the finest ingredients and formulas. Due to the interest and variety requested from the many dealers and their customers we have come to serve over the years, we have increased the number of formulas from 11 to 50. Our growth is attributed to offering excellent service and our unwavering philosophy, which is as true as the day the company was founded. “ We will change our formulas only to improve, never to cheapen”. We add no artificial ingredients or preservatives to our formulas. A sampling of the many ingredients used in the Goldenfeast® formulas include spices such as whole cinnamon and star anise seed, herbs, assorted shelled nuts and in-shell nuts to include cedar nuts and macadamia nuts, dehydrated vegetables, our spicy pasta formula, spirulina, sterile hemp seed, flax seed, dehydrated eggs, more than 15 types of fruits, bee pollen, and so much more.


Available In:

  • Madagascar Delite
  •  Conure Blend Gourmet